Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Getting Back To Things

Sorry for the long, cold silence. I am just back in the office after a wonderful week of vacation and family time. So much has happened in 2 weeks and the debate here so interesting and useful. It's great to see.

Then there's "The Bill": The 1000-page piece of garbage that came out of the House last Friday that Pelosi is just daring the White House to oppose. What a disaster.

I don't want to leave the blog silent during this time, but my vacation has buggered my production schedule, so, I'll direct you to two fantastic essays - One is an analysis of the steaming pile of health legislation penned by oft-cited guru Jeff Goldsmith. Read his pointed analysis here.

The second is a great Opinion piece that appeared in today's Wall Street Journal discussing how the House Bill angles to disembowel ERISA (one of the few pieces of health-related regulation that works very well).

I've been working on some projects with Geisinger and Mayo Health System that are truly inspiring and will be the subject of the next post. I just need a little more time to get caught up and produce.

Spin on!



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  2. Its good that you came back. There could be little difficulties to restart the work which if we stop for some time. But with confidence we can do that successfully.